Loes Riphagen

It took a while but here is our latest blog post.

We’ve been working quite a bit on this blog. With lots of love for the art(ists), but because all of us are in a very busy period.

So this is the last one. In probably a very long time. We thank the faithfull readers and every single visitor of P&P.

See you again.

As a parting gift, this beautiful look in the workspace of Loes.

Loes is a very hard working illustrator from the Netherlands. She shares her workspace with other illustrators. The drawing vibe must be phenomenal in there!!

As seen from afar.

And up close, with sneak peaks !! Thank you Loes!

A peek in Loes her book: ‘Vlieg op, dikke bromvlieg!’ (Get going, fat fly!)

Home made elephant from Loes her story of the…..yellow elephant !!

The terrifying moment of sending your originals. Take care of that baby mailman.

Loes has a very nice hoarder tic. She collects pencilssharp waste (?) of each and every one of her children book stories. Awesome!

And the pencilpoints off course !

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The Chain: Noëlle Smit

The Chain is a series of interviews with different illustrators, who are presented with the same list of questions.  At the end of the conversation the illustrators get to pick the next victim in the chain…

This time, we interviewed Tom Schamp’s favorite: Dutch artist and creator, Noëlle Smit.

Which one of your own illustrations was crucial for your style?

The illustrations I did for Harm de Jonge’s book, De peperdans van Panzibas (The Pepper Dance of Panzibas), in 2005. That’s where I got my first chance to make my mark in a book.

What kind of drawing materials do you prefer?

I mostly use Ecoline. Working with fresh, unmixed colours is very convenient, I think.  And once the base is put on the page, I draw a next layer on top of it with coloured pencils and ink.

Which book is able to inspire you when you’re having a bad day?

They’re always different ones; books that grow along with my own development as an artist.  At the moment it’s Hockney, A Bigger Picture (the catalogue to the 2012 RAA exhibition – P&P).

Which of your own illustrations is important to you?

Right now I’d pick the art I made for the book Ik Sta Paf, which is based on the poems by Annie M.G.Schmidt (she’s a truly legendary Dutch children’s author and musical comedy writer – P&P). It is indeed a great honour to be able to do that.  It’s a book that was especially made for sing-along shows for school kids, commissioned by Het Concertgebouw (the Concert Hall in Amsterdam – P&P).

What’s your ultimate soundtrack while working?

I enjoy just listening to the radio when I work.  Working on a book is a pretty isolating affair, and I start feeling closed in if I only listen to my own soundtracks. I mostly listen to Studio Brussel (Flemish rock station – P&P).  But naturally, I do have my favorite bands.

What’s your favorite music for smoothly doing artwork?

That would be Mark Ronson & The Business Intl’s, Record Collection, and preferably Bike Song or Somebody to love me with Boy George.

What’s your favorite music to really get cracking on some art?

Definetely Hot Chip’s, Night and day.

What music is able to inspire you again and again ?

Probably Mike Snow’s, Happy to you, and especially Vase.

How would you describe the previous illustrator’s (Tom Schamp) work?

I recently watched a documentary on Diana Vreeland (famous fashion editor for a.o.
Harper’s Bazaar en Vogue), and she said,’The eye has to travel’. That says it all about the work Tom does. There’s so much to see in his illustrations that you just get lost.  And it’s lovely getting lost in that world of his!

And finally, who’s going to be the next link in the chain?

I’d like to nominate Isabelle Vandenabeele.



Jurgen Walschot

SSsssssttt, Jurgen Walschot speaking !

My bookcase where my latest discoveries on revolving display. Always nice to be surrounded by books.

My garden also plays a big role in my environment. If I gets too much I walk through the garden and have a look if the chickens already have laid an egg. Or I take a break and share an apple with the rabbits.

I love to observe nature during the different seasons. Although spring can start now ! I also like drawing nature, but lack of time is that unfortunately far too little.

Only 1 lecture and workshop to go and Youth Literature week 2013 is finished .

Sketchbooks are a passion, but where do you keep it?

I am currently working on a project where in crows and magpies appear. Magpies, I find very fascinating birds. I can observe them from my workplace.

Coincidence or not but the tea spell goes on for today.

My most used pen, calligraphy pen, which smoothly runs from thick to thin, and a pen holder that I was able to buy on a flea market.

View out the window, where the nest of magpies resides.

And Siepie, the cat is always near …

Riske Lemmens

Riske Lemmens has the stage.

After the morning rush, bringing the baby to day care on my way to the atelier.

My drawing desk with everything close at hand.

My workspace is small and every shelf is filled with books, papers and materials.

But looking out the window I can choose between a Roman temple…

…and an Alpine view.

Working on a book about the sea. Primary sketches to catch the atmosphere.

How do you melt a frozen sea?

At the end of the day, dinner with the extended family.

Mylo Freeman

Mylo is a ray of sunshine! As a person and illustrator. But wait untill you see her work space !

I consider myself the proud owner of a “dream office” at home.

Although I have long to wait, once I simply started at the kitchen table.
But now I can surround myself with everything that I love.

Whether it’s my brown Barbie’s or pictures of my family, I enjoy every day of my overcrowded colorful studio!

Only downside is that sometimes my kids also very nice and they still find something to hurl.
But actually I am especially pleased that they also feel completely at home.

The material that I use for my work is ink. But that is just the basics.
Then edit the drawings with salt, citric acid, bleach, gel pens and pastels.
A whole process so. Ecoline’s just so beautiful and intense color there is nothing for me that!

Besides making books, I also have a doll line designed nav my character Princess Arabella.
As also seen in my office, I love dolls, still :-)

Rosemarie de Vos

I have a lot of workstations. But it all starts in my head.

After that I run to my drawing table and shake it out !

Sometimes the good ideas just drop out of the sky. During a lecture for example.

During the big book convention in Antwerp you can visit me every year. I’m working live then.

Under public interest I work from morning ’till evening!

A little peak at the table.

Benjamin Leroy

Take a blender. A very big one. Preferable a red one. Then collect every scrap of paper, photos old and new, scribbles, little sketches and paintings. Got them all? Ok.

Put it in the blender and press full throttle. Yes the biggest stand on the thing. Stir and blend for about a minute. And serve the most tasting smoothie you’ll ever taste.

That’s how I would describe Benjamin‘s work. A fantastic mix of materials, a very strong pen and pencil and, trying to describe it in 1 sentence, a dream made real on a piece of paper

Separated by Mark Borgions

A very beautiful music video made by Belgian designer Mark Borgions for Stan Lee Cole’s ‘separated’-song.

Stan Lee Cole – Separated from Mark Borgions on Vimeo.

The animation was made with ‘Toon Boom Harmony’ and a little ‘After Effects’. Like the song itself, it tells the sad story of couples separating and literally feeling incomplete without your other half. Enjoy!